Learn The Skill To Trade US Stock Online &  Pocket 5-20% Profit Per Trade! 

The hidden secrets to earn your share of the billion-dollar opportunities in the US stock market.

...Introducing US Stock Trading Course.

The ultimate learning and practical seminar that will teach you, even if you haven't traded stocks, the 3 super profit techniques to earn foreign currency income from the foreign stocks market

If you are still looking for strong convictions on why you should join me in this trading business, see why you should trade foreign currency stocks:

Diversify your portfolio into foreign currency assets and hedge against Naira depreciation.
The Nigerian stock market only Pays when stock prices go up but in the US stock market, you make money from both rising and falling stocks.
Build a recession proof side-income business from the confort of your home or office.

Fee: N10,550 (Including Video Package)

Bank Details: Access Bank (Ndukwe O. Ukabi)

Account Number: 0055285296

Date:  November, 3rd, 2018

Venue: WorkBay Executives Limited.

                14A, Bayo Dejunwo Street, Maryland,


To Register: Please send "US Stock", your Name, and Email Address to 08084219399.

Some of The Biggest Global Stocks I Trade on US Stock Exchange From Home, RIght Here in Nigeria.

About Me

Ndukwe Ogechi
Trading Coach
Oge is an experienced online trader. He mentors and teach young investors the best way to trade US stocks.

What You'll Learn In This Exclusive US Stock Market Profit Course.

My 3 Simple Profit Hunting  Steps To Pull 5-20% Return Per Trade.
How To Spot The Best US Stocks,  Trade Them & Pocket Your Profit.
How to Avoid Losing Money & Build a Lasting Trading Business.
How much I make from US stock market?
Your return from the stock market depends on your profit target but from my trade records and success-strategy shared in this video, you can earn 5 - 20% return per trade executed.
Can I ask questions after watching your video?
Yes! I have a Q&A session group on WhatsApp with 100+ members. We'll answer every question about online trading.
Am I entitled to dividend ?
Yes, your account will be credit if you had bought the stock before ex-dividend date. The strategy shared in this video will help you grow your capital faster than dividend payments,
How do I make payment for the seminar?
You can pay into the bank account above and once I confirm your payment, you will receive the package in your mail box.